Questions & Answers

Here are the answers to questions that I’m frequently asked.

Is all of your work done in a studio?

No! Weather permitting, I much prefer to shoot anywhere but a studio. On-location photos tend to be more interesting. Headshots and fashion shoots may require a specific background making indoor/in-studio shooting necessary.

Where can I purchase your work?

The store on this website is currently under development. I will be making more of my work available in the future.

What should I bring to the photoshoot?

Once we set up a shoot (headshots or otherwise), I will advise you on what to wear, your look, and so on. Remember that people need photos for many different purposes and so I tailor information to your specific needs.

How flexible is your availability?

I have flexible hours and can take “emergency/last minute” photos (yes, I’ve saved the day a few times!). I am involved in a number of projects and do have a pretty busy schedule but please do contact me to discuss your needs. My team and I are happy to help.

Did you make this website?

Yes, and I’ve built a lot more! Contact me if you want me to make yours as well!

Do you have experience working with agencies?

Yes! I have worked with different types of agencies from acting and modeling agencies to corporate agencies who act as a liaison between corporate clients and myself.

Are you exclusive to any modeling or acting/casting agencies?

I am not exclusive to any particular agency but I do get requests to place models and actors. If I work with you on a project, you get added to my list of contacts and can be referred if the need arises.

What are the advantages of trusting you for our clients?

I’m not just some guy with a camera. Read that last sentence again. I want you to look good for your clients and work hard to make that happen. In addition to my creative eye, I have 2 M.A. degrees and do marketing consulting so I know what your clients are looking for. I also bring fresh ideas to photoshoots when asked.

Can you travel?

Yes! I am available and willing to travel throughout Quebec, Canada, and most of the rest of the world. I have travelled (and continue to travel) throughout the US, and many countries in Europe, the Middle East, and the Caribbean.

Do you have experience working with marketing/events/communications companies?

Yes! I’ve been working with these types of companies from around the world for almost a decade. I understand that you need to contract work to photographers on your clients’ behalf and I’m ready to accommodate your needs. Whether it’s a product launch party, VIP party, professional conference, or other event, I can help you.

Do you photograph events such as corporate events and weddings?

Yes! I’ve taken tens of thousands of photos at events.

What is TFP?

TFP stands for Time for Prints (or Photography). The idea is that a model donates her time and look, and a photographer takes her photos for free. In exchange, the model gets to use at least some of the photos without having to pay for them.

Do you TFP with models?

Yes, but it depends on the situation. If I need a certain look, I may be up for it. I sometimes need women or men for particular projects. Such projects could include business-type looks, medical-type looks, models for fashion shoots, and others. I may also have some artistic ideas where I need someone to model.

What TFP criteria do you have?

I will only do TFP with models who have an established portfolio. If you need one, please contact me. If you would like to TFP, please send a resume of your experience and at least 2-3 clear photos.


As a model, you may look hot and that’s great for you. However, without any experience, chances are that I will have to guide your every move and pose meaning that not only am I working on the photography, I am teaching you to pose which can be a lot of extra work on my part. I can assure you that working with experienced models is very different from working with those on their first photoshoot.

Do you photograph custom projects?

As an innovative photographer in Montreal, I strive to display my work in new ways. Recently, I was thinking about the ever-growing number of photography projects that I’ve been a part of over the years. It occurred to me that I’m one of the lucky photographers in the city who gets to take part in professional projects for brand name companies and large organizations on a regular basis. If you have a project in mind which might need some out-of-the-box thinking about how the photoshoot would go and what the final result will be, it doesn’t hurt to ask. You’d be surprised how many people need a more involving aspect to a photoshoot (more so than say a simple portrait shoot).