Montreal Photographer

Photo Bio

Welcome! I’m a Montreal-based photographer and enjoy working with people on a range of photographic needs. I’m among the most versatile photographers in Montreal (and surrounding areas), with an eye for great and angles and exciting photos.

Although I’ve been taking pictures since childhood, since launching this site, I have received countless inquiries from individuals, businesses, and organizations in search of a professional photographer for headshot and portraits, conference photography, events, stock photography, commercial photoshoots, advertising, photojournalists, and other styles. Thank you so much!

I’m a freelance photographer for CBC and several other media outlets. My work has also been published in magazines, newspapers, books, calendars, online, on billboards, postcards, and a bunch of other formats that I’m probably not aware of! That’s what happens when you take hundreds of thousands of photos!

This website highlights just a small part of my photography work. Everyone once in a while I add fresh photos as time permits. With so many photos to choose from, selecting the right one for the site can take more time than I have.


Photography News!

I sincerely hope you like this latest version of my website which I just redesigned. This time around, I made significant changes to the content in addition to the design. With so many photos to choose from, it can be overwhelming but I finally dedicated some time to choosing a handful of my favourites.

I may be located in Montreal but I can certainly travel for the right project. Recently, I successfully completed projects in Ottawa, Toronto, several distant regions in Quebec, among several other great opportunities.