Since my early years, I was fascinated with taking pictures. My first camera was a Kodak Disk, which lead to an obsession with photography. I have since owned a number of “point and click” and SLR cameras.
In 2001, I swapped the remains of an old computer for my first digital camera. Oddly enough it was also a Kodak! I was instantly addicted to the idea of infinite picture-taking capacity! No film meant I could take my photographic interests to a new level!

I am a laid back photographer with many different photographic interests. As can be seen from the links below, I am drawn toward some areas in particular. That said, I am pleased to photograph people (in-studio and events) but also places, products, and so on.
In 2006, I was featured in The Hour, a Montreal newspaper: Click here to check it out!

I have worked as a photographer for CBC, Frommer’s Travel Guides (I did the Montreal book!), Axe Deodorant, Toys R Us, Koodo Mobile, Rona, US Environmental Protection Agency, McGill University, The Bay Department Store, Party Poker, Globes Financial Times, Career Insider Magazine, as well as many other publications, newsletters, commercial ventures and organizations. You will find more on the clients page.


I enjoy going out on assignment as a photojournalist and especially love taking candid photos.

I tend to work with Canon cameras and accessories. That’s not an endorsement, just a personal preference! I have numerous lenses from wide-angle to portrait to telephoto and all have their place in my work.

Through years of practical experience, attending art shows and galleries, studying photography, and so on, I have honed my photographic skills.
I love what I do and enjoy working with my clients to develop their ideas. I take pride in my work and use my eye for great angles and original ideas to do the best I can.
Personally, I often bring a camera with me when I’m out and about and take pleasure in highlighting the beauty in things we take for granted.

Feel free to read some of the testimonials that my wonderful clients have had to say about my services.