Montreal Commercial Photographer


I’ve recently updated some of my commercial photography work. After going through tens of thousands of commercial digital images that I’ve amassed over the years, I’ve chosen some of my favourites from this large stock of photographs.

Every once in a while I add to the photo gallery that you see, or change the photos entirely. What you see here represents a handful of commercial photos, often used in advertising, brochures, manuals, and other publications.

Corporate Photography

In the corporate photography section of my website, you can read more about my work in that area. I’m open to commercial photography as well as advertising and industrial work. I’ve photographed factories for manufacturers, homes for realtors, new products for entrepreneurs, and of course lots of people for magazines, newsletters, calendars, brochures, websites, and so on.

Fascinating Stories

As many photographers and photojournalists can tell you, there are interesting stories behind each photo shoot. One such story that I find fascinating has to do with Franco, an incredible artist based in Miami. When I visited his house and studio, it was filled with hundreds of outstanding original paintings which he refused to sell! He is a true artist in the sense that commercial and financial gain were not his goals and his art is intrinsically valuable. After I took the photos, he asked that I limit what is shown for fear of being copied before he releases his work to the public. I’ll put those back in at some point.

I’m located in Montreal but can travel to Ottawa, Toronto, New York, Boston, and just about anywhere in Canada, the US, Mexico, and beyond to get the right photo! Have a look at some of my travel photography to see some places I’ve been to in recent years.

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