Corporate Photography

Different photographers use the terms “corporate photography” and “commercial photography” both interchangeably and in varying ways. I’ve decided to designate the corporate photography section of my website to corporate portrait photography endeavours to a large extent. You should also visit the commercial photography section and other pages for more interesting photos.

Modern Styles & Social Media

The rapid growth of digital photography has lead to our being immersed into a flooded visual sea of images, colours, and photography effects, especially in the advertising world. Modern styles have changed in several respects and one of the most salient changes is the increasing demand for casual office poses. Transparency is a large part of marketing these days and showing the inner workings of your company can lead to increased perceived credibility and sales. I’m glad to be a part of the process as I work with you and your company’s staff. Please contact me for more information about taking photos for your corporate website and social media platforms such as Instagram.

Company Photos

I’m the first to admit that I feel lucky to be one of the few photographers in the city who gets to take part in photography for “brand name” companies, magazines, and organizations on a regular basis. When I work with companies of all sizes, I do my best to listen to client needs and take the most interesting, relevant, and exciting photos I can. I set my standards high which my clients benefit from. I’m also more than happy to touch up final products and offer professional advice to editors on how best to layout and use my photos, should they ask for a second opinion.

Please get in touch so we can work together on your next project!