Questions & Answers

Here are the answers to questions that I’m frequently asked.

Is all of your work done in a studio?

No! Weather permitting, I much prefer to shoot anywhere but a studio. On-location photos tend to be more interesting. Headshots and fashion shoots may require a specific background making indoor/in-studio shooting necessary.

Where can I purchase your work?

The store on this website is currently under development. I will be making more of my work available in the future.

What should I bring to the photoshoot?

Once we set up a shoot (headshots or otherwise), I will advise you on what to wear, your look, and so on. Remember that people need photos for many different purposes and so I tailor information to your specific needs.

How flexible is your availability?

I have flexible hours and can take “emergency/last minute” photos (yes, I’ve saved the day a few times!). I am involved in a number of projects and do have a pretty busy schedule but please do contact me to discuss your needs. My team and I are happy to help.

Did you make this website?

Yes, and I’ve built a lot more! Contact me if you want me to make yours as well!