Montreal Headshots & Portraits


Headshot and portrait styles typically vary across photographers. Some photographers prefer to focus on your face, while others range in their approach (such as full head-to-toe, 3/4 shots meaning from the knees and up, waistline or chest and up). Moreover, some headshot photographers believe that best photos can only be done in a studio setting while others see them as being flexible when it comes to choosing a location.

Through experimentation with various styles, I have come to believe that the best headshots are those that take into account the purpose and subject of the photos. I have photographed many actors, models and  businessmen who all needed portrait photos for demonstration purposes. I have also taken headshots of individuals who wanted photos for family projects, and still others who wanted pictures to email prospective mates on dating websites and to post on dating apps!

A number of individuals have contacted me while looking for a photographer to shoot their portraits for prosperity (“I will never look as good as I do now, so let’s do a photo shoot for the hell of it”).

Portrait Success!

Models and actresses have used my headshots to get on acting jobs (HBO’s Sex and the City, theatre productions) and online modeling gigs, other photoshoots (paid and TFP), among other lines of work… all of which I am proud of!

Colour versus Black & White

If you need portrait photos, check out the samples on this page and throughout my website. I recommend that your headshots be in black and white for acting portfolios, although I tend to take most headshot pictures in colour “just in case.”


I offer very competitive headshot photography rates so please contact me for more info. I have streamlined my portrait sessions to make them easy, fun, and quick.

In the past, all of my photography was done with classic film cameras however I currently only use high end digital technology. You benefit from having the potential to get sharp photos in digital format but that can also be printed, as needed.

I have a lot of experience in model promotion and can help you develop your comp card.

For more information or to book your very own headshot session, please contact me.