I really love to travel and the photos on this page are from various places I have visited over the past few years. I am available for travel photography, whether it’s within the greater Montreal region or requires some traveling by car, train, or air. Please contact me to discuss your specific needs.

I am one of Montreal’s most trusted travel photographers and was the official photographer for several Frommer’s Travel Guides. I can certainly help you with your on-location photography.

While, I am based in Montreal, just a handful of recent photography trips have included stops in Greece, Italy, France, Jamaica, Great Britain, Israel, Turkey, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, San Diego, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Maine, North Carolina, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, Mont Tremblant/Laurentians, Nassau, and so many more places!

Some of my photography is directed toward buildings and architecture while others focus on the unique features of a given location that I came across. Wherever I travel, a camera is sure to be near. As a photographer with an eye for aesthetics, I look for items of interest everywhere I go.

My photography takes me to varying locations require different on-site ideas and adapting to these places is key. I have tens of thousands of photos from different cities and going through to pick which ones I want to display can literally take hours!