Montreal Event Photography


This section features some of my favourite event photos. Do you need an event photographer for your next corporate event, private party, or other special occasion? Contact me to find out how I can help you.


Events are visually documented with the eye of a professional photojournalist. I look for people who stand out in the crowd, sudden bursts of emotion, spontaneous smiles and laughter, and anything and everything that will look interesting when you’re going through the photos.

Media Event Coverage

I have been the editor-in-chief of a lifestyle magazine for over two decades and have a great idea of what clients want. In that time, I have covered seemingly countless media events, whether a new product was being launched, a restaurant announcing its new menu, or any other opportunity to take the best photos came up. In the end, the photos will tell the story of the event. That’s event photography at its best! If you need an experienced event photographer, give me a call!

Corporate Events

I am available for corporate events such as large corporate conferences, annual meetings of associations and societies, marketing promotional events, Christmas and holiday parties, guest lectures, keynote speakers, fashion shows, celebrity visits, office parties, local conventions, golf tournaments, sports events, and other activities.

My schedule is flexible and I have been known to cover “emergency” situations at the last minute. An event photographer must be ready to move as this type of situation does arise from time to time.

Special Occasions

I have photographed numerous special occasions and events such as weddings, holiday parties, Halloween parties, and others. My style is mostly candid photography as opposed to staged, formal family photos.

I’m located in Montreal but can travel to Ottawa, Toronto, New York, Boston, and just about anywhere in Canada, the US, Mexico, Europe, and beyond to get the right photo!

For more information, please contact me!